Saturday, July 9, 2016

Computer Woes -- Part 2

Computers are wonderful things.  I love working on them.  There are times I get frustrated with them, as I am sure  you do as well.  I cannot imagine my life without them.  And most of also carry around a small computer in our pockets or purses -- our cell phones. And most of us have a tablet, a Kindle of some variety, and/or an iPad,   I do and I know I am not alone!

And anyone who ever lost information when a computer crashes knows how important it is to have things backed up somewhere - either to a hard drive or to some cloud account.

And so today I discovered that when I asked Carbonite  to restore from my computer to my hubby's computer, it didn't happen.  The problem was when I had to take over the Carbonite account back in December (there were other things that had to be done first after my husband's death last June) they named the two computers incorrectly.

So when I thought they were restoring my data to my husband's computer, they weren't.  They were actually restoring the date on my husband's computer to my husband's computer and nothing came over from the back-ups of my computer.  Not one thing. Not one picture.  Not one file.

So now we have to work through all again. Only this time because we are restoring data from my computer, it will not the five days for the last restore.  It will  likely take a full ten days to two full weeks because I have so much data on my old computer.

So computers -- you have to love them.  But they can sure be frustrating at times, and this is one of those times.

Judy Jackson