Friday, August 31, 2018

Who is the Bad Influence?

This was a fun card to create.  I first used a 3-D embossing folder and then I pressed a Versamark ink pad over all of the embossed card stock.  I covered the card stock with clear embossing powder and heat set it.  As is always the case, when you do this you create several areas that do not get any embossing powder and the rest will resist sprays.    I then sprayed with 2 shades of the newly released Technique Junkies Shimmering Bliss sprays - Chestnut Mare and Harvest Sunset. I wiped off the excess with a paper towel.

I stamped the focal image Technique Junkies Bad Influence with Versamark, covered it with copper embossing powder and heat set.

This created an elegant card in my opinion.

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Have a wonderfully inky day!  And remember tomorrow is the blog hop for the Technique Junkies September release stamps!

Judy Jackson

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A Floral Birthday

I used two Technique Junkies stamps to create this card. The Happy Birthday stamp is from Grand Greetings, and the floral background is called Vintage Floral Collage.

I scooped out some Nuvo Embellishment Mousse of various colors, added water to them, and used them to watercolor the flowers and the background. The result is lovely shimmering flowers.

Saving money is lovely. I wish you could see the beautiful shimmers on these flowers, too. You can save 10% on your order at the Technique Junkies web store when you use the code TJ10Judy at checkout.

Have a sunshiny day and get inky!

Judy Jackson

Monday, August 27, 2018

Books and Friends

The Technique Junkies stamps book stamps are just great for the book lover in your life! My oldest daughter is my book lover and her birthday is coming up so I made this for her. The stamps are Books background and Bookworms.  

I used sponged on color from Nuvo Embellishment Mousse. I used different colors on each open book. The heat embossed verse also has the mousse on it.

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Have a wonderful, marvelous day, and get inky!

Judy Jackson

Saturday, August 25, 2018

10 Ways to Use Shimmering Bliss Sprays

10 Ways I Have Discovered to Use Technique Junkies

1.  Some general information here: All of my samples are ATC sized -  2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.  Pat Huntoon did a wonderful video about different papers and the Shimmering Bliss sprays. Click on the word VIDEO above to view her video. It is important to know that the mica particles settle at the bottom of the bottles.  But you must NOT shake the bottles up and down as is the natural tendency as this WILL clog the nozzles!  Shake the bottles back and forth, swirl them, or roll the bottles in your palms to redistribute the mica particles. Pat demonstrates this in her video (see link above). 

2. Spray 2-3 colors on plain card stock as a background pattern. The first sample is on watercolor paper. I used these colors: Vivid Volt, Harvest Sunset, Thulian Pink, Ocean Depth, and Dolphin Cove.

3. Spray through a stencil. Use one, two, or three colors. Carefully place a new sheet of card stock on top of  the stencil to transfer the colors.  I used Vivid Volt. The first image is through the stencil, and the second image is laying the card stock on top of the stencil. The stencil is from A Colorful Life Stencils.

4. Spray on a craft sheet or non-porous surface and use the pooled sprays to water color with. The stamp is Technique Junkies Butterfly Woman. I used these sprays - Chestnut Mare, Mermaid, Mixed Metal, and Thulian Pink.

5. Spray 3-4 colors in a random way on your craft mat, and dip card stock into the pooled colors, heat set, do it again, heat set, and do it again until you have depths of color you like for Antique Glimmers Updated technique.  I used Luscious Lawn, Vivid Volt, Dolphin Cove, Ocean Depth, Thulian Pink, and Harvest Sunset.

6. Use in a Resist Technique – Spray water on your card stock lightly. Dry emboss a panel in a heavily detailed embossing folder.  Heat set to dry. Completely cover the embossed surface with Versamark ink and cover with clear embossing powder.  Use a heat tool to melt the powder.  Cool.  Spray Shimmering Bliss in colors of your choice – wipe off excess.  Color will remain in crevices not coated with the clear embossing powder.  This is why you need to use a heavily detailed embossing folder.

7. Stamp a background stamp with open spaces on card stock, heat set to be sure the ink is dry.  Spray colors of Shimmering Bliss over stamped image to create a shimmery background. Stamps used are Technique Junkies Calligraphy Loops and Technique Junkies Bubbles.  I used Thulian Pink, Luscious Lawn, Dolphin Cove, and Vivid Volt sprays.

8. Spray a sheet of background paper with Shimmering Bliss.  I used several different types of background paper.  The blue actually has silver swirls that are showing up black.  The silver resisted the sprays.  Dab up excess with paper towels. I used too many colors here to list. Experiment!  If your card stock is heavily colored (like the plaid) the Shimmering Bliss sprays may just sit on top of the background paper. The rose paper was cream and black. I know I used Mixed Metal spray on the 5th sample, and Harvest Sunset on the first. Harvest Sunset was used on the plaid paper.

9.  Stamp a detailed background stamp in white pigment ink and heat emboss with white embossing powder.  Spray 2-3 colors of Shimming Bliss sprays over the top and dab up excess.  Stamp used is Technique Junkies Peony Collage.    I used Dragon Blood and Thulian Pink sprays.

10. Stamp a floral image with white pigment ink and heat set with white embossing powder. Spray a few shades of Shimmering Bliss on your craft mat or on a non-porous surface. Spray the image with water. Working quickly add drops of the bliss sprays to the water on the surface and the inks will spread.  Stamp used is Technique Junkies Flourished Floral.  I used Dragon Blood, Thulian Pink, Vivid Volt, Dolphin Cove, and Ocean Depth Sprays.

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Happy shopping and get inky today!

Judy Jackson

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

An Orchid Birthday

I used this Technique Junkies Orchid background stamp and a Happy Birthday stamp to create this card.

This card was so easy to do because I used a sponge and a few shades of Nuvo Embellishment Mousse and sponged the mousse over the picture. The verse is heat-embossed and I used a little mousse around the edges. I used a Nuvo glitter pen for the center of the orchids.

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Have a beautiful day and get inky!

Judy Jackson

Monday, August 20, 2018

Voice of the Sea

This was a fun card to create. I used die-cut birds in the sky, and die-cut vellum sea weeds, and Nuvo Glitter drops for bubbles in the ocean. I enlarged the card so you might be able to see the transparent vellum "waves" across the blue center. Stamps are from the Technique Junkies Stamps Sea Horses. Both the verse and the sea horse are heat embossed with detail black embossing powder. The sea horse is cut out. However, I did not cut out the tiny little tendrils from the sea horse. I used the MISTI and positioned the sea horse on the card and then removed the colored in sea horse, and only inked up the tendrils and stamped with black pigment ink, and heat embossed.  

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May a marvelous day be yours, and that you have some time to get inky!!

Judy Jackson

Saturday, August 18, 2018

An Octopus on Your Face!

I used Technique Junkies stamps Octopus Face and Sea Grass to make this card. I used ColorBurst in light blues and lots of water on my craft mat and dipped the card stock into it. The verse is heat embossed. For the octopus, I used Copic markers.

I used die-cut seaweed and shells and a piece of burlap to create this scene.

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Have a bubbly day and get inky!

Judy Jackson

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Beautiful Shore!

Good morning! I used two Technique Junkies stamps here: Kissing the Shoreline and Seashell Borders.

I sponged the sand, used a Post-it Note to create the horizon, and sponged below it for the sea. Then I moved the mask and covered the sea. I punched a hole in two Post-it Notes for the sun and put the hole over the horizon where I wanted it and sponged in the sun. Then I masked the sun and used a self-drawn cloud stencil and sponged in clouds. I hand-drew little birdies. I used Copic markers in a slightly darker shade than the sponged sand and colored in the sand dunes and the shells. The verse is heat-embossed.

Remember, you can save an extra 10% on your order at checkout when you use the code TJ10Judy in the Technique Junkies web store.

Have a sunny day and get inky!

Judy Jackson

Monday, August 13, 2018

Happy Birthday!

I used A Colorful Life stencil and Nuvo Embellishment Mousse to create the background of this card. Both stamps are Technique Junkies stamps. I used Big Dreams and Donuts Happy Birthday. I used Copic markers to color in the girl and sponged the sky.

Remember that you can save an extra 10% off your order at checkout in the Technique Junkies web store when you use the code TJ10Judy! Every little bit helps, right?

Have a great day, and get inky!

Judy Jackson

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Sailing Tall Ship

I used this lovely Technique Junkies Sailing Ship Collage stamp from the July release to create this card. I used ColorBurst on the background and a brown Copic marker on the ship.

Remember, saving money is lots of fun, and you can save an extra 10% off your order in the Technique Junkies web store when you check out if you use the code TJ10Judy!

Keep a weather eye on the horizon, and get inky!

Judy Jackson

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Make A Wish

As many folks know I had rotator cuff surgery 6 weeks ago.  I am a planner and a "prepare ahead person" so I busily stamped and created cards to get posts  ready for my blog most of the way of the through all of July and most of August.  I knew healing would be slow, and tedious, and painful, and frustrating.  It has been all of that and more!  I am doing my physical therapy exercises at home because I do not want to have a frozen shoulder.

I bought new stamping supplies online and was frustrated when they arrived and I couldn't use them.

I was released to do stamping this week after the 6 week mark -- of course as long as my arm and shoulder will tolerate it!  I have been surprised at how limiting I still am with my shoulder.  I was surprised at how limited I was post surgery.  I know several folks who had this surgery and I knew a lot about what to expect - but I was still surprised at the things I could not do right away -- like put toothpaste on my toothbrush!  But very gradually -- VERY GRADUALLY -- I could do things for myself.  I am looking forward to sleeping my own bed all night long instead of only a few hours!  I have had to learn to sleep in the recliner.

So Wednesday I made this card.  I used two shades of  green Technique Junkies Shimmering Bliss sprays sprayed over card stock embossed in a 3-D embossing folder.  I sponged ink on the focal panel which was stamped with Technique Junkies Never Stop Making Wishes.  I used some 3-D medallion embossing dies. I cut them out of black card stock and sprayed with the same green Technique Junkies Shimmering Bliss sprays.

Ann important tip when you use the sprays, the mica settles at the bottom, and you must redistribute the mica throughout the spray before using them. I roll the bottle in the palms of my hands or you can twirl them.  But do not shake them up and down or the mica can clog the sprayer.

And you can save 10% when you use the code TJ10Judy in the coupon box when you check out.

Have a great day -- and get inky!

Judy Jackson

Monday, August 6, 2018

Making Wishes

Have you been having fun looking at the new Technique Junkies August release stamps? Remember, the 15% off all August release stamps is only good through August 8th!

This card features three colors of Shimmering Bliss sprays: a light blue, a dark blue, and a gold tone. Then I heat-set the paper very well. I put the paper in my MISTI. I used brown and gray inks to get this image. Because of the shimmer, I found I needed to stamp it several times to clearly stamp the image. Then I colored the Tidepool Starfish with three shades of brown Copic markers. The verse is from an August release stamp called Never Stop Wishing. I cut away the verse from the dandelions so I could use it in other ways.

Just a reminder: the sale on August release stamps ends on August 8th, and you can get 10% off everything else in the Technique Junkies store by using the code TJ10Judy.

Have a glorious August day and get inky!

Judy Jackson

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Perk Up Soon!

Today is the last day to get 15% off the new August release stamps. In addition, you can get 10% off everything else by using the code TJ10Judy when you check out at the Technique Junkies web store.

The background stamp for this card is called The Tropics. The verse is from Perk Up Soon. I sprayed two shades of blue and one of green from the Shimmering Bliss sprays. The background image was stamped in the MISTI so that I could apply ink upon ink to get a good dark image. Then I heat embossed it.

Remember to use the TJ10Judy code to get another 10% off your purchase at checkout on the Technique Junkies web store.

Have a great day and get inky!

Judy Jackson

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August is New! Stamps Are New! Sprays are new! Oh WOW!!

As usual, there is a blog hop today to celebrate the new release of Technique Junkies' newest stamps. And oh, my, are they beautiful! In addition, Pat Huntoon has outdone herself! We are introducing the most shimmery sprays I have ever seen. They are called Shimmering Bliss. There is so much shimmer in these you have to see it to believe it. Unfortunately, the shimmer does not show up in these pictures. Both of my cards for this blog hop used these sprays. Of course, all of the stamps on this post used Technique Junkies stamps.

As is usual, there is a 15% off automatic reduction in price for all of the Technique Junkies August-release stamps that runs through August 8th. Here is the direct link.

You should start the blog hop here

We also have a brand new EXCLUSIVE Technique Junkies product! Introducing Shimmering Bliss25 shades of shimmering dye-based ink sprays that are perfect for stencils, techniques, and any time you want to add shimmer to your projects. There are 20 beautiful colors and 5 "topper colors" that are a clear spray loaded with sparkly mica to either use on top of other colors or alone. If you love sparkle, you will want to try Shimmering Bliss! Believe me, these are gorgeously shimmery.

My first card uses Enjoy the Ride and Bubbles. I sprayed the paper first with Shimmering Bliss sprays, for both the background and the focal image on top. I used shades of blue and green sprays. Isn't it lovely?

The background stamp for this second card is Key Script. The next two stamps are August releases, and they are African Beauty and Light Remains. The color behind the verse is done with a light blue Shimmering Bliss spray and the lady is stamped with black Memento ink, and her skin is colored with two to three shades of brown Copic markers. Her dress and her hat are paper-pieced and a few highlights are done with a gold marker and a dye- based hot pink marker. The necklace and earrings are done with a gold marker.

Your next stop on the blog hop is with Beth Norman.

Please remember the 15% off the August release Technique Junkies stamps runs through August 8th! We all want to save money, right? In addition, you can save 10% on everything else in the Technique Junkies store, including the new Shimmering Bliss sprays, by using the code TJ10Judy. Another way to save money!

Have a wonderful day getting inky!

Judy Jackson