Thursday, August 9, 2018

Make A Wish

As many folks know I had rotator cuff surgery 6 weeks ago.  I am a planner and a "prepare ahead person" so I busily stamped and created cards to get posts  ready for my blog most of the way of the through all of July and most of August.  I knew healing would be slow, and tedious, and painful, and frustrating.  It has been all of that and more!  I am doing my physical therapy exercises at home because I do not want to have a frozen shoulder.

I bought new stamping supplies online and was frustrated when they arrived and I couldn't use them.

I was released to do stamping this week after the 6 week mark -- of course as long as my arm and shoulder will tolerate it!  I have been surprised at how limiting I still am with my shoulder.  I was surprised at how limited I was post surgery.  I know several folks who had this surgery and I knew a lot about what to expect - but I was still surprised at the things I could not do right away -- like put toothpaste on my toothbrush!  But very gradually -- VERY GRADUALLY -- I could do things for myself.  I am looking forward to sleeping my own bed all night long instead of only a few hours!  I have had to learn to sleep in the recliner.

So Wednesday I made this card.  I used two shades of  green Technique Junkies Shimmering Bliss sprays sprayed over card stock embossed in a 3-D embossing folder.  I sponged ink on the focal panel which was stamped with Technique Junkies Never Stop Making Wishes.  I used some 3-D medallion embossing dies. I cut them out of black card stock and sprayed with the same green Technique Junkies Shimmering Bliss sprays.

Ann important tip when you use the sprays, the mica settles at the bottom, and you must redistribute the mica throughout the spray before using them. I roll the bottle in the palms of my hands or you can twirl them.  But do not shake them up and down or the mica can clog the sprayer.

And you can save 10% when you use the code TJ10Judy in the coupon box when you check out.

Have a great day -- and get inky!

Judy Jackson


Tina kelly said...

Your card is beautiful! Have a great recovery! I find cardmaking so relaxing and such a good hobby to relax with so relax,enjoy and recover!

Renee's ramblings said...

What a gorgeous card! Hope your recovery continues to go so smoothly.

Anonymous said...

THANKS a lot for the mica spray tip; I hadn't thought of the solution. Bee L.

Beth Norman said...

What a beauty. I put that dandilion stamp in my wish list. Boy, do we have the same tastes or what!

So glad you're on your way to recovery. Take care my friend. Hugs.