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10 Ways to Use Shimmering Bliss Sprays

10 Ways I Have Discovered to Use Technique Junkies

1.  Some general information here: All of my samples are ATC sized -  2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.  Pat Huntoon did a wonderful video about different papers and the Shimmering Bliss sprays. Click on the word VIDEO above to view her video. It is important to know that the mica particles settle at the bottom of the bottles.  But you must NOT shake the bottles up and down as is the natural tendency as this WILL clog the nozzles!  Shake the bottles back and forth, swirl them, or roll the bottles in your palms to redistribute the mica particles. Pat demonstrates this in her video (see link above). 

2. Spray 2-3 colors on plain card stock as a background pattern. The first sample is on watercolor paper. I used these colors: Vivid Volt, Harvest Sunset, Thulian Pink, Ocean Depth, and Dolphin Cove.

3. Spray through a stencil. Use one, two, or three colors. Carefully place a new sheet of card stock on top of  the stencil to transfer the colors.  I used Vivid Volt. The first image is through the stencil, and the second image is laying the card stock on top of the stencil. The stencil is from A Colorful Life Stencils.

4. Spray on a craft sheet or non-porous surface and use the pooled sprays to water color with. The stamp is Technique Junkies Butterfly Woman. I used these sprays - Chestnut Mare, Mermaid, Mixed Metal, and Thulian Pink.

5. Spray 3-4 colors in a random way on your craft mat, and dip card stock into the pooled colors, heat set, do it again, heat set, and do it again until you have depths of color you like for Antique Glimmers Updated technique.  I used Luscious Lawn, Vivid Volt, Dolphin Cove, Ocean Depth, Thulian Pink, and Harvest Sunset.

6. Use in a Resist Technique – Spray water on your card stock lightly. Dry emboss a panel in a heavily detailed embossing folder.  Heat set to dry. Completely cover the embossed surface with Versamark ink and cover with clear embossing powder.  Use a heat tool to melt the powder.  Cool.  Spray Shimmering Bliss in colors of your choice – wipe off excess.  Color will remain in crevices not coated with the clear embossing powder.  This is why you need to use a heavily detailed embossing folder.

7. Stamp a background stamp with open spaces on card stock, heat set to be sure the ink is dry.  Spray colors of Shimmering Bliss over stamped image to create a shimmery background. Stamps used are Technique Junkies Calligraphy Loops and Technique Junkies Bubbles.  I used Thulian Pink, Luscious Lawn, Dolphin Cove, and Vivid Volt sprays.

8. Spray a sheet of background paper with Shimmering Bliss.  I used several different types of background paper.  The blue actually has silver swirls that are showing up black.  The silver resisted the sprays.  Dab up excess with paper towels. I used too many colors here to list. Experiment!  If your card stock is heavily colored (like the plaid) the Shimmering Bliss sprays may just sit on top of the background paper. The rose paper was cream and black. I know I used Mixed Metal spray on the 5th sample, and Harvest Sunset on the first. Harvest Sunset was used on the plaid paper.

9.  Stamp a detailed background stamp in white pigment ink and heat emboss with white embossing powder.  Spray 2-3 colors of Shimming Bliss sprays over the top and dab up excess.  Stamp used is Technique Junkies Peony Collage.    I used Dragon Blood and Thulian Pink sprays.

10. Stamp a floral image with white pigment ink and heat set with white embossing powder. Spray a few shades of Shimmering Bliss on your craft mat or on a non-porous surface. Spray the image with water. Working quickly add drops of the bliss sprays to the water on the surface and the inks will spread.  Stamp used is Technique Junkies Flourished Floral.  I used Dragon Blood, Thulian Pink, Vivid Volt, Dolphin Cove, and Ocean Depth Sprays.

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Happy shopping and get inky today!

Judy Jackson

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