Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy Birthday!

We all need to send birthday cards from time to time.   But a lot of us have difficulty making masculine birthday cards that have flowers.  I hope I accomplished that with this card.

The color scheme is certainly masculine.  The map would be considered masculine.  The flowers are a simple, straight line and in masculine colors.  The flowers are Technique Junkie Daisy Garden -, and the greeting is Technique Junkie Happy Birthday -

I created the flowers using the same technique as shown by Jill Foster here - .  That gives a deeper dimension to the  flowers than just straight stamping.  The paper must have shifted in the MISTI -- - because I got two lines for the stem.   And in the middle of creating this card, my trusty heat tool here in Florida died!  But I have had it for over 20 years so I cannot complain.  I had planned to emboss the greeting to help it stand out against the map.  So once again I used the MISTI,  and just stamped, reinked, stamped, reinked, stamped, and so on until the greeting until it was dark enough to stand out against the map background.  

The grass and clouds are sponged on.  

Layers and a dark green ribbon stripe  finish the card.  No bow, no bling, darker colors, and a map background create this masculine card with flowers. 

Have a great day and get inky!

Judy Jackson


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Cheri said...

Nicely done, Judy. Not easy putting flowers on a masculine card, but I believe you managed it very well and creatively.

Beth Norman said...

Very nice. I like the background you used to masculine it up. What a shame your heat embosser gave up the ghost. I've had mine for 15 years and hope I get another 15 yet. Your flowers are so pretty with the sky you created and the grass. I hope you made two of them, so you could keep one -- this one's a keeper.