Friday, May 15, 2015

And She is Adopting!

One of my doctors is adopting two little blonde girls who are sisters. My doctor won't show me a picture until it is finalized so I really have no idea what they look like except she told me they are blonde. I know the girls are sisters an the adoption will be finalized sometime in May -- now!  So I made her a card to celebrate.  I already sent the two girls a small gift to have on the plane.  It wasn't much - just a doll, a note pad, and a small tote bag for each girl.  Each gift was small - and not heavy because I well know the weight restrictions for luggage.  This was so that the girls will have something to play with on the plane ride to their new home. 

The stamps for the little girls having tea is from Lily of the Valley - an English company with FREE shipping for stamps. The verse is from Sweet and Sassy Stamps.  It is in a Adoption word set on her web site.

I used both water coloring and Copic markers to color these two sweet girls.

I will be praying for my doctor and for the children.  The children are not from this country, and my doctor doesn't speak their language.  Both are going to have "culture shock."    I cannot imagine doing this. 

Have an inky day today!


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