Friday, October 2, 2015

A Toilet, A Toothbrush, and A Surprise


Children are full of adventures and surprises. This particular day the adventure was about a toilet and a toothbrush.   They do not seem compatible do they?  After all toothbrushes are for cleaning teeth, right?  So after naptime, what is a cute and adorable 2 year old supposed to do, but brush her teeth right?  I knew the older brother was awake, but I didn’t think she was awake. 

In just a few minutes, both of these children came to me.  The front of her shirt was soaked – AND had blue spots all over it. But her pants were dry.  HMMMM – what was that on her shirt?
Then she said, “I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet.”  Ahhh – that mystery solved.  The blue spots were from toothpaste!  And brushing her teeth explains why the shirt was soaked and the pants were dry.   So I asked the older brother, “Is her toothbrush still in the toilet?”  Foolishly I thought one of them had pulled it out and perhaps put it with the other toothbrushes on the sink.  And if not I HOPED it was still in the toilet.  But no, the report was that she flushed the toilet and the toothbrush is “UNDER the house.”  So I sent Mommy a text to tell her she need to buy a new toothbrush while she is at the grocery store. 
Children do childish things.  And this is one of the adventures you can have with small children living in your house.  And either you laugh or you cry.  Laughing is MUCH better!

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Diana Enns said...

What a cute story....and that little girl is a doll.