Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A New Table for Me!

At my little home in Florida, the table I had was not all wood. It was fiber board with a Formica top. It was uneven at the center. Because I am only at this home a few months of the year, neither Ron nor I ever wanted to spend a ton of money on furniture. I knew the table would need to be replaced at some point. I would not get rid of it until I had found the "right" table to take its place. That happened by accident this year. At a mission store there an oak table and found chairs. The finish on the table was dirty in spots. But it was such a good buy, I bought it. I mean it was only $49 for the table and the four chairs. The table is solid wood. How could I go wrong? So today i washed the table and got a lot of dirt off. Then I started sanding it with 220 sand paper on a sanding block. I could tell I didn't think it was "just right" yet for staining so I called Dave France for advice. He was very helpful and even loaned me his electric sander. What a help! Just a little while ago I stained the top of the table and it looks lovely. Tomorrow I will add the polyurethane. You can see the sanded table, and the stained table. I can hardly wait to add the polyurethane! The table already looks lovely. This task is not within my normal skill set. However, at one point I stripped, stained, and polyurethaned all of our knotty pine cupboards in our kitchen. Ron helped but primarily I did all of the stripping and staining. The light spot in the foreground of the stained table is light reflection.


Barb in kazoo said...

what a great find. You did a fantastic job, you should be very proud!

MForniglia said...

Wow - very impressive! There are several projects like that I've wanted to do but have felt inadequate. You inspire me!