Friday, March 3, 2017

More Cupboard Saga

So the wet, damp flooring has been replaced.  New electrical outlets have run for both work on the counter, the refrigerator, and new under cabinets lights.  And neighbor friends came and helped my handyman install the upper cupboards.  Everything was going so smoothly you just knew there was going to be a problem, or two, or three, or so.

Boom, first problem. One corner of one upper cupboard was cracked and the plastic corner protective thingie was clearly cracked so somewhere in transit this cupboard was dropped.

This cupboard is 33 inches long.  The next issue was that somehow, although I had taken in the correct measurements of 118 inches for the length of the cupboard on the sink wall, cupboards were ordered for 135 inches.  So installation of upper cupboards was at a halt.  And of course there would be cupboards that were too long for the wall on the base cupboard.  

I went to Lowe's to return two under cupboard lights and get the right sizes.  And I wanted to talk to Haydee, my new kitchen friend!  The return was easy, finding the right lights were a little more problematic and I need to return one more and get another motion sensor under cabinet light because the switch for the light is a rolling switch and where it is placed on the cord would be inside the cupboard under dishes or glasses.   While I was at Lowe's my friends called to say the corner cupboard may not fit.  And a chip is on the edge of the door of this cupboard. And  I forget to tell Haydee while I am there.

Haydee will come out this afternoon about 3:30-4:00. 

So installation of the lower cupboards was stalled. So my handyman, Burl,  took his wife to get her perm, and came back.   My neighbors went home. Burl's wife was done and he went back to get her. 

I come home, one neighbor comes in to update my on all that is going on here.  And Burl returns.  So I eat my lunch - everyone else has already eaten.  Burl and I discuss the corner cupboard.  I had already looked for the paper work on the new refrigerator being delivered in the morning and it is 32 inches wide not 33 inches wide.  If Burl trims off 1/4 inch of the cupboard overhang, the new refrigerator will fit  with 1/8th inch to spare!  YEAH!

So the corner cupboard is trimmed, and the sink base cupboard can be installed.  Holes have to be cut to place the hot and cold water feeds and the sink drain.  Burl has already moved the drain pipe slightly so it will completely fit inside the sink base cupboard.  That is better than cutting into the corner cupboard to make the former placement of the drain pipe inside the corner cupboard.  This way if there ever was a problem, then the  drain pipe can be accessed easily and that is a good thing.  

The holes are cut, a neighbor and Burl lift the sink base cupboard over the pipes.  I am on my hands and knees guiding the pipes through the holes.  UH,OH! The holes for the hot and cold pipes is not big enough.  So off goes the cupboard, and I go make a phone call I need to make.  And I hear these words from Burl, "Oh no!!"  I come out to discover the  hot water pipe has broken off below the floor!    But yeah, there is enough pipe below the floor to pull up and all will be OK!  The holes are cut larger into one hole and i guide the pipes through. There will be something to plug that holes so various  sundry  Florida critters cannot have an open invitation from below my home to inside my home to party.  

Haydee comes and inspects everything. More measurements are take. Former cupboards are loaded in my car to be returned to Lowe's in the morning.  And the correct cupboard ordered.  

So here is where I am at this point.  

One more weekend with no counter top and no kitchen sink.  Burl will come in the morning sometime to hook the cupboard with the drawers to the sink base cupboard, adjust the 220 plug connection to the wall so it fits flush, and install the spice drawers to the wall.

Won't these be wonderful?  

But I can start putting things in cupboard tonight.  I borrowed a large cooler for cold stuff in the morning so the new refrigerator can be installed, and the old one hauled away.  

Next week the sink and counter top will be installed. the tip outs at the sink front installed, drawer shelves installed, the half lazy-susan installed in the corner, and perhaps the tile back splash can begin. 

Even though Burl is almost 82, he is in very popular demand as a handy man.  And sometime next week another homeowner has 12 windows  arriving for installation.  So my kitchen saga will continue, and we wait for the 15 inch upper cupboard to arrive.  

So as you cook and work in your kitchen, think of me.

Judy Jackson

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