Sunday, March 12, 2017

Soon and Very Soon

I am so glad to be able to use my kitchen again.  I have a pie baking as I type this. The kitchen renovation here in my Florida home is nearing completion. Hooray!

This is the semi- finished view.  There is one cupboard missing between the microwave and the over the sink cupboard.   There was some miscommunication between me and the kitchen designer.  Fortunately -- Lowe's accepted them back and I was able to get a refund on my credit card.  And the correct size cupboard should be here on Thursday.

A tile back splash is still to be installed as well as the door and drawer handles.
There will be 3 rows of the subway tile, then 3 rows of the accent tiles, then the rest will be in the subway tile. It will be pretty yet not expensive.
The stove, microwave, and new refrigerator all work great.  All three appliances are not the high end of their lines.  They are all pretty basic.  The refrigerator has no ice-maker or water dispense. It keeps thinks cold, and the freezer freezes things and doesn't make noise or leak inside.

The counter top doesn't have a swollen bulge at the corner seam and doesn't stain with every spill.

But why would do I do this task for a 3-4 month home?  All of the above would be reasons, plus these features:
This is the half lazy-susan in the blind corner cabinet, which pulls out and swings around. It gives me full access to the corner where you cannot reach.  It is a wonderful feature.

This is the spice cupboard.  It is a base cupboard and there is access to the spices on both sides.  It is a nine inch wide cupboard.

AddThis is the nine inch wide "cookie sheet" cupboard.  It holds cookie sheets, and other baking pans.

And here the first pie -- it is raspberry!

And now things are out of  cardboard boxes, the folding table is put away, and we can progress with the handles, and the back splash, and other  things to finish up.  And stamping can resume!

Have a great day and get inky!  I will be doing that myself!

Judy Jackson

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