Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Colonial Seamstress or Dressmaker

A Gramma is a pretty special person - especially in the eyes of their grandchildren.   So my little  4th grade grandchild has a presentation to make  in her class on being a Colonial dressmaker-tailor-seamstress.  So a plea to this Gramma came about -- can you make a costume for "E" as a Colonial Dressmaker - Tailor-Seamstress?  Of course Gramma said yes.

So off I went to the local mission/thrift store.  I knew they not only sold clothing and other things, they also sold yard goods of fabric.  However, the fabric available is whatever has been donated and you really have to decide if you want it.   For a school costume, I was sure I could find something that would work. And I did -- a large ladies skirt and more than 2 yards of a white muslin type material. 

I came home and Googled how to make a Mob Cap, and pictures of Colonial costumes.  Then I went to work. 
This is the finished costume -- but what is a costume without the little precious girl to wear it!  I had to make the costume so it would fit over her clothes and still be small enough to stay up!

Gramma loves this precious "E" very much!  Everything fit just fine. Now I can hardly wait to hear how her presentation will have gone.
Grandchildren are some of the most precious creations in all of the earth! And I am glad to be called on the help. 

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happyDiane said...

well done Grandma!