Friday, June 5, 2015


I am a retired school teacher. I taught for 27 years. Multiply that by about 22 as an average of the number of children in each classroom.  That doesn't even count the children in classrooms when I was substitute teacher for three years.  That is a LOT of kids - nearly 600 children. Some of those children are likely grandparents by now as my first group of youngsters would be about 51+ years old!  That is an odd thought for me!

Every child is special and unique.  Sometimes a teacher remembers one child more than another -- it is just the way it is.  It doesn't mean that the other children in a particular class were not  special - they were - but a teacher may remember one more than another - and for many reasons.

Every now and then,  my husband and I receive an invitation for special event in one of the lives of one of those many children.  We recently received such an invitation. This child (now an adult) was easily remembered because her parents attended our church; we knew this young girl  from a very young age, we knew she was a very tiny preemie as she was born weighing less than two pounds,  her parents were personal friends, and later on her mother was a teaching assistant in my classroom.

This young lady went on to get a bachelor's degree in nursing and went to work in the very same hospital where she was born quite a few years ago. So when we received an invitation to attend a farewell party we felt honored.  We couldn't attend but wanted to send a card. She was moving to Alaska - beautiful but cold. So very cold in the winter. BRRR!  Summer is not very long. They have those long, long days and nights in the "Land of the Midnight Sun."  None of this appeals to me. So what card to make? This one!
This stamp set is called "Keep Climbing" and it is made by Our Daily Bread rubber stamps.  The idea for this stamp came right from their website gallery.   But I thought it was beautiful. The scene was stamped in Memento black. I used some grey reinker to watercolor in the mountains.   The sky was sponged with a pale blue over a cloud stencil. The grass and the tree were sponged with a bit of  olive green, I used the writing end of an olive marker to ad some details.  Her Mom is making a scrap book and will include the cards she has received.  Later she will mail the scrapbook to her daughter. 
Good luck, Elisa and enjoy Alaska. Your family  will miss you!

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