Monday, August 3, 2015

A New Beginning for Me -- and a New Stamp Room

Life is full of changes. Some changes are pleasant and some are sad.  Some are fun, and some changes are fun. And nearly always,  a "big change" necessitates other changes.   Because of my husband's sudden passing (not a good change), or daughter, her hubby, and three kids have moved back from Romania. All of these changes was totally unexpected.   Then because of their moving home to be with me and be a help to me -- I needed to move my stamp room to be on the main level of our home. Our daughter and son-in-law will have my old stamp room for their bedroom.  This change is good.

So many changes have a cause and an effect.  In order to make our office into a stamp room, furniture had to be moved out, everything on the wall taken down, walls prepped and primed, and then painted. New curtain rod up and new curtains as well. Plans had to be made for where to put things and how to do this with the most efficient use of space.   The current stamp room is 10 x 12 feet.  The new stamp room is about 9 x 10 feet. So that is a loss of square footage for storage.  I have a LOT of stuff in the current stamp room -- which also is used for scrapbooking and sewing.   So there is a lot to be considered for these needs.  I have a LOT of ribbon, a lot of paper, a lot of punches, a lot of embellishments, a lot of coloring mediums, a lot of ink pads, a lot of stamps (a whole lot) and a lot of just stuff!  So careful planning had to be done.  Just how will I make the best use of the space I have available? 

This is the end of the painting stage --- and new storage will begin to be put in place tomorrow.

Then more pictures will be taken  bas progress goes along for this new room.  I have lots of ideas form other folks' stamp rooms.  I like some of my storage and it works for me.  Every craft room is different because  everyone's needs are different.  My previous stamp room was a mis-mash of things I had, things on sale that could be easily utilized, things that were new and used for a specific purpose, and what worked for me in my space and my budget. 

Her are some pictures from my old craft room -- and you will see what I mean by a mis-mash of storage.

 I am looking forward to reorganizing all my stuff in new ways.  I want o keep it all, but I do not think it is possible.  I hope by this time next week it is done.  We will see if I can accomplish that goal.

Check back for pictures of my progress! 

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