Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stage Two of a New Stamp Room

Stage one was painting.  Stage is installing cupboards. So on Saturday my wonderful (and very handy) son-in-law worked on installing the new cabinets.  Moving stuff will likely be slow as I have to really ponder what is the best place to put stuff.  And every paper crafter has a lot of stuff.  Right now my old stamp room is bursting at the seams with stuff.  I have to be decisive about what I MUST keep, what I can keep, and what I cannot keep no matter what. 

As you can see a couple of grandchildren helpers had to check out the inside of the cabinets. 
So what is next? Stage Three will be lots and lots of shelves -- everywhere.  There will be three shelves above the counter - and they will hold paints, spray bottles, glitter and embossing powder jars.
Another wall will be all shelves- and those shelves will hold my stamps.   On another wall will be lots of Ikea By-gel rails which will hold my punches.
So more pictures will be coming.  And this is exciting.  

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