Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stage Four - Rods and Shelves

Stage Four involves lots of rods and lots of shelves.  Punches and stamp sets in tight spaces are not always easy to store.  Punches are bulky and cumbersome.  So they are stored on IKEA Bygel rails -- and extra  rods as well for the "future."  Stamps -- well if  you are a stamper you all know you do not have just a few, you have a LOT!  And I do. Many stamps I will sell -- somehow. 

 But I need to store them all on one wall.  A friend came over on Saturday and helped me bring up all of the stamp sets and a lot of other stuff.   I printed labels for each section any particular shelves - otherwise there would be no other way to identify the stamp sections.  Some shelves have several labels while other shelves only have one label.It would be a nightmare to put things away.

I am going through lots and lots of things -- and deciding whether or not to keep it, sell it, give it away, or trash it.

More pictures to come in a couple of days! 

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