Monday, January 18, 2016

A Lovely Watering Can

Long, long ago or so it seems, I bought a Stampin' Up set called Old Friends.  It is now long retired and no longer available from Stampin" Up.   I know it was before I even thought about unmounting all of wood mounted stamps.  I was sort of "forced" into unmounting my wood mounted stamps because I had reached the place where  I had two choices -- 1. unmount them all to create or more space, or 2. stop buying stamps! As for any "hard core"  rubber stamper the second choice was not really a viable option!  So little by little, through a slow process over a period of 3-4 years I unmounted all of the wood mounted stamps I owned.  Well,  that is true except for a few exceptions -- all of my alphabet stamps and four Stampin' Up sets of tiny words.  I had been saving those for "last" and by the time I go to the end, I realized it was a good choice to leave them on wood. The tiny stamps for words and greetings stamp much easier and more cleanly when left on the wood blocks. And only in last four to five months have I unmounted all of the alphabet stamps I decided to keep. But this watering can was on the original rubber and  then on clear  acrylic cling stuff.  So I know it was one of the first few years of  wood mounted stamps turned into an unmounted stamp.

As you may know, I have been experimenting with the "style of  Art Impressions watercoloring."   While I am working on buying more of their water color style stamps, I am also trying to go through the stamps I have and trying to see IF I can use some of them with this style.  Some -- very obviously -- will not work. And some have very real possibilities!

One thing I am learning is the Art Impressions stamps have a ever so lightly larger outside line -- and that makes a difference. But it has been fun trying to discover which stamps will really work well with that style of watercoloring.

So perhaps you see  what i am talking about -- the lines on the stems and the edges of the lovely old watering can are  very delicate.  I never realized that before tonight when I worked on this card! You may be familiar with this set from Stampin' Up.  I added grass and flowers from from Art Impressions.   And the greeting on the front is one of those tiny word stamps from Stampin' Up that I chose not to unmount.   I sponged the sky. So what do you think? Does this watering can work with the Art Impressions style of watercoloring? 

I used an embossing folder for the main layering piece  of card stock and a ribbon and self stick jewels as embellishments.  I used Soft Sky ink to sponge the sky in the background. 

Will you get inky today? Have a wonderful day.  


Unknown said...

Gorgeous card Judy! I'd say you just about have the A.I. Watercoloring technique mastered!

Monique said...

very lovely. I think the watering can definitely works. What is the difference in "watercolor stamps". I know I have used some of the Stampin Up beach /people scenes nicely with watercolor pencils...but I tended to use only a hint of color. This is much more elegant that what I did.

C. M. Taylor said...

I so agree.

Aimeslee Winans said...

I dunno know Judy. I have gone and checked the AI thing out and I think yours is better. Could AI be making this whole AI Way thing as part of marketing their watercolor stamps? I don't like it when anyone tells anyone they have to do it a certain way when they really do not. I love that you can give the same stamped image to 3 different artists to watercolor and you get 3 unique pieces. And I like yours a lot. xoxo