Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wind Sculpting After the Blizzard

Sometime around 10:00 last night, it finally stopping snowing after 24 hours.   At some point during the storm it was snowing between 1 and 2 inches an hour.  No one was going anywhere.  At some point we heard all of our local roads were closed except emergency vehicles. At some point fire trucks were stuck in snow but were able to get themselves out of the snow.  There were news reports of Mommies in labor and couldn't get to the hospital except in fire trucks!  The snow crew  for the HOA went around our streets just enough to get emergency vehicles through.  The Township plows our road but that didn't happen until the wee hours of this morning.  The wind has died down  and we are left with wind sculptures of snow.

I am taking these pictures with my phone without a flash and mostly from inside my house. This is my deck and table still in the shadows as the sun isn't shining on it yet. That won't happen till this afternoon.
To see the difference -- this is the tunnel my 7 year grandson made while playing in the snow late in the afternoon yesterday. The large dip in the snow near the railing post was created by my 4 year old grandson literally stomping and trudging his way through the snow. 

This is the same tunnel carved open a little more by the wind, and the sun shining through it. I had to open the door to get this picture because the sun was reflecting on the storm door glass.

And finally,  the overflow parking lot next to our home.  The wind had sculpted around all these cars and the shadows of the drifts has it's own true sense of beauty.

And throughout the storm, we never lost power while the wind howled. According to the online newspaper this morning, about 200 homes in our Township did lose power for a few hours.  So we  are grateful for electricity, heat, and running water.  

So this day will involve more stamping -- stay tuned!  And get inky!


Beth Norman-Roberts said...

My goodness you got a lot of snow. So glad to hear you kept your power. Al bought us a large space heater and has solar panels in our bedroom window that are hooked up to car batteries, just in case we lose power. You'd think we lived up in Northern Canada and not the most southernly point. I think Al is a little eccentric -- LOL.

Aimeslee Winans said...

Thanks for the update and so glad you survived fine, and not losing power - wow! xoxo

Hetty said...

Hello Judy,some great pictures and fun for the grandchildren, but boy oh boy what a lot of snow!! I am glad you all are safe and warm.

Lisa H said...

glad you had power! enjoy the view outside and the crafty time inside! =)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Judy! Pretty to look at if you don't have to go out in it! and I'm from NE Ohio where we're used to a lot of snow!