Saturday, January 23, 2016


Any one on the East Coast of the United States knows it was going to snow this weekend.  People got in needed supplies and got ready to hunker down. We have known since  Monday there would be snow.  However, always the big question is, "How much snow?"   We live in an area where the forecast can change hourly and the weather prognosticators will tell you this area is quite difficult to forecast the snow.fall or rainfall amount - something to do with the topography or something like that To give you an example, the forecast this pat week went this: On Monday, they said 20 inches, on Tuesday they said 1-3 inches, On Wednesday they said 5-8 inches, on Thursday they said 10-16 inches and the kept with that until last night ...late, and then they said we would be in the bulls-eye -- on the edge of it but still inside the bulls-eye - which 2 to 3 feet. This time they were closer to being right but they were still wrong.

This was at 11:00 PM last night before I went to bed. This is the table on my deck.

This is the same table on my deck this morning and it is still snowing like crazy with no end in sight. We are in the Winter Storm Warning until 7:00 AM on Sunday. 

And this is the overflow parking lot next to our home.  And the snow removal folks Our Home Owners Association hires CLEARED  the parking lot of all snow about 11:30 PM last night.  

The folks in the truck with the lights on are part of the snow crew waiting for the boss to arrive.  I guess they are going to have at it again!

I am thankful for a warm place to be inside!  And it is still snowing and snowing and snowing!

UPDATE to the SNOWFALL:  They now expect we will have a total snowfall accumulation of three feet plus!

At 3:14PM today this is the view out the storm door to the front porch and sidewalk.  You can see the railing posts for the stairs.

And this is my deck with table and grill.  No longer distinguishable from the snow.  We have quite a bit of wind so there is a lot of drifting,

I am warm and stamping -- more posts to follow. 


Tarnished Rose said...

Stay warm Judy. I love seeing snow but am so happy we rarely get any down here (between Baton Rouge and New Orleans).


Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Judy, I feel your pain. Your pictures say it all. When I lived on Prince Edward Island, we used to have our winters like you are having this year. I consider myself blessed this year because we can still see the grass. Old Man Winter has decided it's time for a warm winter for a change. Take care my friend.

marydvm said...

in the 50's in Denver today, no big snows yet this winter but 10 inches isn't unusual here and rarely results in cancellations of schools or businesses.

Ann said...

That's a LOT of snow. Looks like you'll be stamping for sure. Stay warm

Unknown said...

Wow!!! Glad I'm in Arizona and not in that.. It's pretty to look at, but rough when you have to get out.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Stay safe and warm! It sounds like a great excuse to stamp the days away to me : )

Mitzi said...

Judy, I'm in WI and would gladly accept some of that snow [not ALL of it though!]. We are having a fairly snowless winter and I love a beautiful snowfall. I hope yours quits soon... have been following it on our newscasts.

Aimeslee Winans said...

Oh my that's a lotta snow. I just shivered bigtime! lol Glad you are safe and warm and dry! xoxo

Monique said...

So glad you have something to look forward to in this weather, and I'm glad you are safe and warm. Alough we only got 10 inches, the resutls are the same for southwest VA as it is up there. HOpe you have lots of fun creative time! Stay safe and warm.