Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A New Beginning!

Anyone who has followed my blog knows that my husband died 15 months ago.  Our daughter, her hubby, and their 3 children (ages 3, 5, and 8) moved back here to live with me for the past 15 months. And while I love all of them and they love me,  living together has not always been easy for any of us.  We had many "learning" experiences and exercises in patience.

I am happy to report they have purchased their own home and have moved in.  They are now living 7 minutes away! - far enough so we not are not on each other's doorsteps, but close enough if I need help.   So that is all good.

And after they moved out, I needed to address the areas of the home where they basically lived.  This will be a work in progress for a while yet.  Any one who knows me, knows I am a long range planner, and I take advantage of sales and I try to shop wisely. Since I knew they were going to move, I started planning.  I knew the color they had painted the room that was my daughter and her hubby's bedroom. Since that paint was only a year old, it did not need to be repainted.  So I worked around that color.  I bought new bedding, a new bed, a new mattress and box spring, 2 recliners at a garage sale that were still in pretty good shape, and a few other things.

I have a large dining room table and I am not getting rid of it.  But I felt I needed a new "space" for me to eat in the living room without having to eat sitting on the couch.  So I shopped and shopped and looked for something to be a dining room for one.  And this is the result.

All of this means I haven't done much (read NOTHING) in the way of stamping, but I will be tomorrow.  So I will have stamping to show on this blog very soon.

So now I have a new beginning here -- living alone.  So far it is good.  The biggest difficulty will be to be sure I am not lonely.  Being around people is good for all of us.  So I have to plan my time so that I not alone all of the time. 

Judy Jackson 

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