Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas Card Memory Down Memory Lane

This will be very final Christmas card to share with you for 2015.    This card also is symbolic of my faith.

Even as a toddler, the young Jesus had the shadow of the Cross in His future.  This scene is so easy for me to imagine.  Joseph was a carpenter and I am sure there were many times the young child was in the carpenter shop with Joseph.   My son-in-law  is a carpenter by trade.  He doesn't just do this at work, he works in the garage at home.  Often his three children play out in the garage while he works on whatever project he is working on.  

I used a photo stamp that I have had in my collection for many years. But since I unmounted it, and forgot to write down which company produced this stamp I no longer know that information.  The verse is from Stampin' Up.  

To get a good stamped image from a detailed photo stamp, there are a few steps.  First of use dye ink.  Lay your stamp down with the image up. Use a rubber brayer and thoroughly  brayer ink over the the die image in BOTH directions.  This assures good coverage.  Use glossy card stock - but not photo paper.  If you try this with photo paper, it will be a mess.  Lay your glossy card stock over the image which is still face up.  Gently but firmly put one hand in the middle of the of the back of the card stock. This helps to keep the image from moving around,  Gently but firmly rub your fingers over all of the image. Let it sit for a few seconds, and then gently pull up the card stock off of the stamp die.  Let it air dry.   Remember that dye ink on glossy card stock takes several minutes to dry completely. 

Then you should be good to go!  

"Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15.  May you know the presence of the Risen Savior this Christmas season. 

Merry Christmas, 

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Hetty said...

Beautiful, Judy! Merry Christmas!!