Sunday, October 15, 2017

Gift at Christmas - 30 Days of Christmas Day 1

From October 15 thorough November 13 Technique Junkies Stamps is celebrating 30 Days Of Christmas! All Technique Junkies Christmas stamps are 20% off  during this event!  And if a customer uses my TJ10Judy code, the customer can receive an ADDITIONAL 10% off!   Be sure you go and see what the Design Team is doing at  .

Every year when I begin my Christmas cards I want to have three aspects to my designs: 1. Simple and easy to reproduce, and 2. Beautiful, and  3. I am proud to send them to my friends and family.

I used an acrylic block with gar ink and stamped it about in the center of the top panel.  I used Technique Junkies Hillside Pines -  .  I didn't stamp all of the trees -- but that is the decision of the artist, right?   Then some rhinestones to decorate the trees, and a small bow finish the card!

Come back for Day 2 tomorrow!

During the 30 days of Christmas, every stamp in the Christmas category is 20% off. AND every customer can use my discount code – TJ10Judy  for an additional 10% discount! 
That means if you use my code you would receive 30% off all Christmas stamps.  So get shopping, stampers! And if you see stamps you want that are not Christmas , using the TJ10Judy code will get 10% off of everything else that isn't Christmas.

Have a wonderful day -- and get inky!

Judy Jackson


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Beth Norman said...

Very lovely card, Judy. Hope you're having a nice weekend and that you're feeling better.

Diane Swanson said...

So beautiful! I love it! Are you doing one every day Judy?