Thursday, July 5, 2018

Octopus Friend

The only stamp I used on this card was Octopus FaceBecause I had previously cut apart the octopus from the verse, it made it easier to create this card. I masked the octopuses with two masks, and randomly stamped the entire card front with octopuses. I added some beige ink here and there on various octopuses. I chose one octopus to completely color in with Copic markers. The ocean was sponged with blue ink.

Did you know that octopuses are very interesting creatures? They have no bones  and can squeeze into and through extremely small spaces.  And they can change their color at will in order to blend in with their surroundings. And if you come across a bright red octopus -- beware! That octopus is angry! When an octopus releases a cloud of ink, it is because they are trying to hide or to escape. Momma Octopus lays  a lot of eggs. She strokes and cares for them before they hatch into a gillion teeny tiny octopuses that sort of float through the ocean. Then Momma dies. The baby octopuses are so tiny, most of them are eaten by fish in the ocean.  

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Have a wonderful day, and get some inky stamping done!

Judy Jackson

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