Monday, December 10, 2018

A Walk in the Park

I used two lovely Technique Junkies Stamps Carved Relief and Park Walk.   I stamped both images with a dark brown ink on white card stock.  I sprayed the background with Simmering Bliss Harvest Sunset.   I used Shimmering Bliss Harvest  Sunset, Vivid Volt and Luscious Lawn.

I used copper text weight paper and dark brown card stock as the layers for this card.

Stamps for 25 cents? YUP! Technique Junkies is in the middle of inventory here at the Technique Junkies Web store, and we have way too many stamps in our warehouse -- and I put a few hundred on sale! There are two categories: Cling Mounted, and Unmounted. Some stamps have never been on the website before! Many of the stamps are discounted well over 50%. Take a look! You could take home some good loot for a $10.00 bill! 
Unmounted Stamps Clearance: 
Cling Mounted Stamps Clearance:

This sale is only good until these discounted stamps are going, going, gone!!!

Be sure to use my discount code TJ10Judy  to save 10% of your own moolah when you place your order.  We all like to save money.

Have a great stamping being sure to get inky.

Judy Jackson

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