Saturday, December 22, 2018

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!

What is Christmas without CHOCOLATE?  Never mind Christmas, what is LIFE without chocolate?  Most of us love chocolate.  I only know two people who do not like chocolate.

This card celebrates chocolate! It features two Technique Junkies stamp sets:  one is called Bon Bons,  and the other is called Chocolate Sayings Set 5. And the verses are on sale!

Stamps for 25 cents? YUP! Technique Junkies is in the middle of inventory here at the Technique Junkies Web store, and we have way too many stamps in our warehouse -- and Pat Huntoon put a few hundred on sale! There are two categories: Cling Mounted, and Unmounted. Some stamps have never been on the website before! Many of the stamps are discounted well over 50%. Take a look! You could take home some good loot for a $10.00 bill! 
Unmounted Stamps Clearance: 
Cling Mounted Stamps Clearance:

This sale is only good until these discounted stamps are going, going, gone!!!

Remembering to use my discount code of TJ10Judy will save you 10% off of your total order.  
I hope you have a  wonderful day. I hope you are done shopping for Christmas. And I hope you have a chance to get inky!

Judy Jackson

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Beth Norman-Roberts said...

This truly is a wonderful masterpiece. I am in love with the Christmasy feel you gave these bon bons. Yum!