Friday, January 1, 2021

Jubilant January and New Stamps!

It is January!  And a brand new year -- no one is sad to see 2020 leave, I just wish Covid19 went away on December 31 as well!  And Technique Junkies has brand new stamps!!  You can see them all here.   They are automatically 15% off when you check out.   Since these are all so terrific  -- If you want to have them ALL you can can get them all at the Gotta Have It All price, and that price is 25% off the regular price.  And if you want to save another 10% (and who wouldn't want to do that?)  Please use the code TJ10Judy when you check out!

My first card uses several items:  Whimsical Coffee BackgroundCoffee Stain, My Mouth, Coffee Beans Stencil, and Harvest Sunset Shimmering Bliss.  I sprayed the Shimmering Bliss over the Coffee Beana Stencil with Harvest Sunset.  Then I stamped the My Mouth image over the beans.  I still felt the beans  overpowered the My Mouth image, so I sponged ink over the beans  and made them more subdues.  Layers of tan and dark brown cardstock complete the card.

Within days of writing this, I will be in Florida.  Ihope I can get there before it snows here -- again.  It was going to snow  again this but the temperatures are going to be mild enough that  we will have rain, and that is OK!!!    To create this card I used  Snow Somewhere Else  and I used just a few of the shells from Simply Shells.  I used sticky notes to create the sand and horizon lines.  I used the Cloud Edger Stencil for the sky.   I applied the ink with one of the Ink Blending Brushes

For my last card I have a Valentine to share with you.  I have 8 grandchildren and I send each one a Valentine.  This year I am using the new Valentine Heart Border to create my cards for my grandchildren.  So you see this border stamp from time to time this month.   I also used Happy Valentine's Day.   I used markers on the heart border.  I had the stamp in my stamping platform  and it made it easy to assembly line fashion stamp the border on every panel for the fronts of the cards.  I was also able to add more ink and stamp over the image in exactly the same place until I was satisfied with the stamped image.

Now you have the opportunity to hop along to all of the other designers and see what wonderful eye candy they have created for your inspiration.  Each  blog listed below is a hyperlink and you can click on the name and it should take you right to their blog!

Technique Junkies Blog

Now, please remember you can get 25% off if you want them all and you can click on this link to see that! But if your budget is such you can't get them all, choose your favorites and be sure to buy them through January 8 and you will get an automatic 15% off! Then you can gain another 10% off by using the code TJ10Judy.

Have a great day and a Happy New Year, and bes ure to take some time and get inky!!

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Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Such a delightfut collection. The sign looks terrific in the beach you create, Those coffee marks look really nice. The sentiment has a lovely background. Each goes together so well. Happy New Year!